20+ on page seo techniques checklist in 2018

20+ on page seo techniques checklist in 2018

In this 2018 SEO On page optimization is the most important factor to get better ranking to website. Through the on page optimization we are arranging the website contents to search engine understand easily. We don’t need to focus on the Search engine readability of the website we have to focus the normal user experience in the website.

Here is the 20 techniques we have to focus on on page optimization

  1. Always focus on mobile friendly and responsive design
  2. Arrange the contents of the page more readable to users
  3. Attractive design to the page with graphics and videos
  4. Add a catchy title for the page
  5. Try to add focused Keyword on the Title
  6. LSI keywords ( Add synonyms of the keyword )
  7. H1 Heading Tag inside the page ( mention keyword in the heading )
  8. Add Sub Headings in website with h2 tags
  9. Place keywords in first 100 or 300 words
  10. Avoid Keywords Stuffing
  11. Organize the URL/Permalink Structure
  12. Meta Description of the page
  13. Image Optimization for fast loading without loosing the quality
  14. ALT tag of the image
  15. Update the website Regularly
  16. Reduce Broken Links in the content
  17. Internal website Linking
  18. Ensure Keyword friendly Internal links
  19. Use social Share Button
  20. optimize the website speed

If you have any doubts on the topics don’t hesitate to comment me on this post

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